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Boosting Productivity - Pomodoro

Chunks of Tomatoes to Boost Your Productivity

Pomodoro is a time-based productivity process It can help you focus your time in specific chunks, to help you get more done in the time you have! 

This module contains tips, techniques and technologies all about Pomodoro, to help you get to grips with the pocess and put it into practice straight away. 

What's included?

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Welcome to the Productivity Club!
Welcome to the DigiEnable Boosting Productivity Learning Platform
1 min
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Why a Tomato could change your life!
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Technique: Pomodoro
Welcome to the Pomodoro Module
2 mins
Technique: Pomodoro
Task: Have a go at Pomodoro!
Boosting Productivity - Pomodoro Worksheet.pdf
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Quiz: Intro to Pomodoro
Apps: Digital Tomatoes
Further Reading: PomoDone User Interview
New Ideas: Using Real-Life Events as Pomodoro Timers
Task: Grouping Your Pomodoro Types
Quiz : Making the most of your Pomodoros
Book Club: The Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo
Further Resources: Pomodoro
Community: Boosting Productivity Members Group
Printable - Pomodoro Time Tracker.pdf
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